Unexpected Health Benefits of Flowers: Flower Power

Those who yelled “flower power” during the 1960s and 1970s may have had a point. Several research studies from prestigious academic institutes have validated the numerous health advantages of keeping flowers in your home. Flowers: can improve multiple areas of daily life.

1. Boost productivity, creativity, and innovation

A contented and productive team is essential for keeping a competitive edge in today’s corporate environment. This might be challenging to do with endless variations in unemployment, consumer confidence, and other economic conditions. A Texas A&M University study suggests that flowers and plants may hold the solution to this persistent issue. The presence of flowers and plants in the workplace have been shown to significantly increase productivity and problem-solving abilities. Do you feel stuck in a rut? If you work from home, try placing fresh flowers on your desk. Numerous summer-blooming bulbs produce the ideal cut flowers. Plant gladiolus, dahlias, or lilies in the spring to have the perfect bouquet for your workplace throughout the summer.

2. Enhances state of mind and emotions

Most individuals are looking for solutions to reduce their stress and find calm in their everyday lives because our constant fast-paced lifestyle negatively impacts our lives. According to recent research from Rutgers University in New Jersey, there are positive emotions and sentiments of life satisfaction triggered by the presence of flowers. Everyone enjoys flowers, and research has shown that such sensations last and have a favorable long-term effect. Participants in the study claimed to feel happier, more enthusiastic, and less depressed, worried, and agitated. Share a fresh bouquet with a family member or friend who might need a pick-me-up, or consider giving them the gift of flower bulbs they can grow and enjoy for many seasons.

3. Strengthened emotional ties

Speaking of sharing, gifting someone flowers has always been an excellent method to express how much they mean to you and create close bonds. According to studies, the mere presence of flowers can help people connect more intimately, regardless of whether they are giving or receiving them. Participants who were surrounded by flowers demonstrated stronger ties to their loved ones. Sharing bulbs or container flowers with someone will also strengthen that link; it need not only be with bouquets. Compassion by flowers nourishes people, and it is crucial to spread that compassion to others.

4. Increase comfort level.

Nature has always attracted humans because it makes them feel at ease. What better method than with flowers to bring the tranquility of nature inside? Having indoor flowers and plants, particularly in the winter, increases humidity and moisture in the air. The frequent winter complaints of dry skin, dry throats, and dry coughs—all of which can lead to seasonal illness—are combated by this hydration. Flowers may not cure a common cold, but they can help prevent it! Get your hands dirty and work in the garden to plant flowers in the spring to feel grounded and at ease. The flowers carry a sense of accomplishment and happiness as they grow and offer a peaceful haven to retreat.

5. Boost your energy and memory.

Flowers and plants are a brain superfood! Both increase the amount of oxygen in the air, which stimulates brain activity and helps with memory, focus, and clarity. Additionally, studies have demonstrated that flowers can increase vigor and banish the morning blahs. In a recent Harvard behavioral study, persons who don’t consider themselves “morning people” reported feeling more upbeat and optimistic after looking at flowers first thing in the morning. Many people noticed general mood and perspective increases by including a little flower in their morning routine. A similar impression can be achieved by enhancing a garden seen from a common area inside the house with bright, striking blooms. The vegetable garden outside the kitchen window could need a row of oriental lilies to brighten the mornings and make people happy!

It’s more crucial than ever to stop and smell the roses, lilies, or dahlias because of the hurry and bustle of modern life. Anyone can experience true “flower power” by connecting with nature through outdoor gardening or bringing nature indoors through cut flowers or container plants.

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