Flower Arrangements Types

There are so many different types of flower arrangements that the list is endless. The type of floral arrangement you select will, in most cases, be determined by the type of event you are hosting. If you’re throwing a gala, for example, centrepieces may be the major attraction. Branded long and low arrangements dispersed throughout the space can help a product launch with multiple product displays. Whatever type of event you’re planning, there’s a unique arrangement style that’s right for you.

A centrepiece is a traditional flower arrangement that everyone is familiar with and enjoys. Vases measuring four by four inches or even five by five inches are commonly used for these arrangements. Centerpieces are most typically used in the centre of a dining table, but they can also be used as cocktail arrangements, scattered among product displays, incorporated into flower wall niches, and more. A centrepiece is a classic design that never goes out of style.

Arrangement for a Bar

A bar arrangement is a taller version of the traditional centrepiece and exudes elegance and glamour, which will entice people to visit a new place. The most notable bar arrangements are placed on top of the bar, flanking the active, happening area. They can be employed in a variety of other parts of a venue as well. Fireplaces to frame a mantel, product displays to provide variable dimension and height, and the sides of picture walls to encompass the entire structure to create a coherent moment are some of our other favourite places to incorporate bar configurations.

Vase with Buds

Bud vases are also referred to as “miniature arrangements.” Bud vases frequently go with centrepieces or bar arrangements since they have the same colour scheme, mood, or design. They can be used as complimentary accent pieces or to assist fill space around larger arrangements. Although bud vases feature fewer stems than their bigger counterparts, they nonetheless contribute to the overall look and mood of an event.

Low and Long

Another cousin of the classic centrepiece arrangement is a long and low arrangement. Long and low arrangements are exactly what they sound like! They’re usually found in long, rectangular vases close to the ground. Because they are spread out over larger surfaces, long and low arrangements might appear more voluminous than standard arrangements. They’re frequently utilised in tablescapes to create a single floral storey that spans the table. Additionally, for product displays, long and low arrangements work well to help break up the merchandise while keeping everything visually appealing.

Flower Arrangement Styles

Flower arrangements come in a wide range of styles, depending on the type of event they are intended for. A certain setup might be fantastic for a corporate business meeting, but it might not be good for the opening of a new boho-chic boutique in downtown New York City. The type of arrangements you can make during an event may be limited by the venue. Some rooms are ideal for compact, corporate designs, while others are better suited for broader, looser, and wilder layouts. The colour scheme and/or branding components highlighted at your event are just as vital as the floral design types.


A small arrangement gives a classic, timeless look to it. A compact arrangement is one in which all of the arrangement’s elements are the same length. They’re usually dome-shaped, with nothing protruding from the primary “sphere” of the arrangement.

Loose and untamed

A loose and wild arrangement is one in which the flowers are not put in a rigid, uniform structure. Various pieces of the arrangement will frequently overflow from the vase. A loose and wild arrangement is one of our favourite designs to produce for business and individual clients, despite the fact that some may not be familiar with it. These free-flowing boho-chic designs are absolutely appealing.

Type of a single flower

For a sleek and coherent aesthetic, this arrangement uses only one flower kind. Greenery may be used to reinforce the structural integrity of the arrangement on occasion, although this style of arrangement usually just has one flower type.


Minimalist arrangements are those that make use of stems in a basic, strategic approach to generate deliberate negative space in a clean, modern manner. A minimalist design is a true piece of art. It may add to the grandeur of any occasion and offer attendees a reason to admire your decor longingly.

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