Principles of floral design

Floral designers use these seven methods to evaluate their designs. The main factors you should think about are: Proportion The relationship between the sizes of all the components used to construct a design, including the flowers, foliage, container, and accessories, is known as proportion. Scale The scale of your flower design refers to how big […]

What Are the Basic Techniques in Floral Design, and what is it?

Describe flower design. The art of making attractive arrangements using flowers, leaves, ornaments, and other botanical elements that express meaning and emotion is known as floral and plant design. Like any different art, floral design demands technical expertise from a sensitive artist who can uniquely blend the materials. the front desk Bold arrangements are created […]

Making a Floral Bouquet

Maintain a color palette: When selecting the flowers for your bouquet, keep the color palette of your house or event location. Pick flowers whose hues complement or are similar to the environment where the smell will be displayed. Ensure that the bouquet’s colors work well together as well. Verify the seasons. Consider selecting in-season flowers […]

Types of bridal bouquets

Bouquet made by hand A posy, or hand-tied bouquet, is one of the most basic types of bridal bouquet. It’s a cluster of flowers with stems put together in an unstructured style and tied with a ribbon, as the name suggests. Hand-tied bouquets with only three or four long stemmed flowers are popular, with many […]

Flower arrangement


Flower arrangement is an organisation of design and colour towards creating an ambience using flowers, foliage and other floral accessories. Flower arrangement is not an art to be reserved only for special occasions. A few flowers on the kitchen table can be as important in their own way as a full scale decoration for a […]